Sunday, October 25, 2009

Everything in Between

I love the stillness of the morning. The way the whole world is calm. To hear the sound of my feet hitting the pavement, the wind moving through the trees, and my heart pounding. As I run, I can open my thoughts- meet with my God.

I love the chaos of the day- the way our living room holds so many people, some sitting on the couch, others on the floor. Looking around, I see the familiar faces of old friends, and the welcome faces of new guests. All are talking, all are laughing, all are genuinely loving. As I stand back, I can take it all in, realizing that this is what it is like to have a home away from home.

I love the time in between. Meeting a friend for coffee. Sitting with your roommate on the kitchen counter before classes, spilling your deepest fears and your greatest dreams. Laying in bed across the room from your roommate when you know you should be asleep sharing the stories of the day, the heartbreaks of the hour, and the victories of the moment. Making dinner with your best friend while discussing God's grace. The time when the world is moving, just at a slower pace.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunny with a chance of thunderstorms

When it rains while the sun is shining, I feel like the weather finally understands what it feels like to be me. I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm up and then I'm down. I am exhausted yet I really want to go for a run. But my question for you... Who doesn't love a good sunshiny drizzle? It might be a little crazy. You may not know whether to grab your Marmot or throw on those sunglasses. Here is my advice on how to deal with it. Just accept it. It probably isn't going to make up it's mind any time soon. It will surprise you, throwing you for a loop. Get ready for it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Heart of Humility

It is so sad, how sinful I am, yet so beautiful how much grace God shows.

This morning I woke up to a...not so clean kitchen/living room combo. When I went to bed, I saw it was a mess, but I assumed the dishes on the counter would be put in the DIRTY dishwasher, the food would be put away, and the plates would be rinsed off. I woke up to my worst nightmare. :)

I almost got very angry. This is something the girls and I have been talking about, and I was, honestly, very frustrated. In my head I knew I had two choices: 1. Yell like a crazy person when they woke up. 2. Talk about how I can't handle living in a zoo, and how the house needs to stay clean. Either way I knew my attitude was going to come across (something I wasn't sure I wanted to happen.) Then, I thought of a third, unheard of option. I clean up the mess. I show the body of Christ love by doing something I don't really want to do, and then I talk to my housemates, my closest friends about a small problem in our house. I love them in Christ through my actions, they hear my words because of that love and those actions. is where I begin to really disgust myself.

As I completed the task, closing the dishwasher and throwing away the last of the food, I caught myself thinking, "That was a pretty cool thing to do." WOW. I CAN'T EVEN SERVE CHRIST--> I CAN'T DO ANYTHING FOR HIM WITHOUT MY PRIDE GETTING IN THE WAY!! I turned an act of service to my God and His children into a self-serving, self-glorifying task. All this by thinking about it and analyzing it too much. Where is my humility? Did I even start out with the right motives?

Lord, cleanse this heart of pride, replacing it with a heart of humility, a heart of service that beats for You and Your people. Move me out of the way, and open my eyes to more ways, large or small, that I can serve You. Help me to me mindful of my reasons and my motives. May they be for Your glory alone.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Journey

Sometimes I’m afraid if I blink, I will miss it. I mean, it is all flying so fast. If I close my eyes it will all be gone. This time when I am young. When I stay up late and wake up early. When I am responsible for myself and only myself. When my network of friends is too many to count, but those I depend on fit on five fingers. In high school people said, “These are the best years of your life.” Boy were they wrong. College. College years are the best years a person can experience. They are challenging. They push you. They are so fun you can’t stand it. In one week you have more emotions than you can hold, more stress than you can handle, more responsibility than you can carry, more love than you expected, and more support than you ever imagined. You laugh more, cry more, and get over petty anger more than you ever thought you could. At the end of the day you are exhausted, and content. This may be a generalization. I dare say I am in the five percent who have such a perfect college experience. I am surrounded by people who make that experience. People who push me and pull me in every imaginable direction. People who I love with my whole heart, and others who I struggle to stay in the same room with. People who walk in a room and have every iota of attention in my body, and others who work so hard for my attention but rarely receive it. People who don’t deserve the time I give them but get so much, and people who are worthy of my full self but get skipped over because of my shallow eye. I am not perfect. I am broken. I am leaning on my savior's arms to get me through. I am struggling and trusting, but I am truly enjoying the ride.