Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Journey

Sometimes I’m afraid if I blink, I will miss it. I mean, it is all flying so fast. If I close my eyes it will all be gone. This time when I am young. When I stay up late and wake up early. When I am responsible for myself and only myself. When my network of friends is too many to count, but those I depend on fit on five fingers. In high school people said, “These are the best years of your life.” Boy were they wrong. College. College years are the best years a person can experience. They are challenging. They push you. They are so fun you can’t stand it. In one week you have more emotions than you can hold, more stress than you can handle, more responsibility than you can carry, more love than you expected, and more support than you ever imagined. You laugh more, cry more, and get over petty anger more than you ever thought you could. At the end of the day you are exhausted, and content. This may be a generalization. I dare say I am in the five percent who have such a perfect college experience. I am surrounded by people who make that experience. People who push me and pull me in every imaginable direction. People who I love with my whole heart, and others who I struggle to stay in the same room with. People who walk in a room and have every iota of attention in my body, and others who work so hard for my attention but rarely receive it. People who don’t deserve the time I give them but get so much, and people who are worthy of my full self but get skipped over because of my shallow eye. I am not perfect. I am broken. I am leaning on my savior's arms to get me through. I am struggling and trusting, but I am truly enjoying the ride.

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SJL8 said...

mmmm I concur! I love reading your thoughts! They are so real and refreshing! Keep em comin sista.