Sunday, October 25, 2009

Everything in Between

I love the stillness of the morning. The way the whole world is calm. To hear the sound of my feet hitting the pavement, the wind moving through the trees, and my heart pounding. As I run, I can open my thoughts- meet with my God.

I love the chaos of the day- the way our living room holds so many people, some sitting on the couch, others on the floor. Looking around, I see the familiar faces of old friends, and the welcome faces of new guests. All are talking, all are laughing, all are genuinely loving. As I stand back, I can take it all in, realizing that this is what it is like to have a home away from home.

I love the time in between. Meeting a friend for coffee. Sitting with your roommate on the kitchen counter before classes, spilling your deepest fears and your greatest dreams. Laying in bed across the room from your roommate when you know you should be asleep sharing the stories of the day, the heartbreaks of the hour, and the victories of the moment. Making dinner with your best friend while discussing God's grace. The time when the world is moving, just at a slower pace.

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